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Easy Recipe for Banana Nut Bread, So Save Those Bananas!

Who doesn’t like banana bread? This easy recipe for banana nut bread is the same recipe my mom used when I was a child. Of course at times she had a hard time getting the bananas for the recipe. With six kids, bananas didn’t last long enough to ripen enough for the bread:) I honestly…

Best Homemade Biscuits That Melt in Your Mouth

Homemade biscuits anyone? I have to be honest here. My husband likes the biscuits you get out of a can. Still can’t figure that one out. To me, they don’t have much taste. I would much rather have homemade biscuits and the recipe I found is the best homemade biscuits that just melt in your…

Homemade Bread Recipe, Making Bread Is Really Easier Than You Think!

  Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven? The aroma just takes over the house. The saliva is already pooling in my mouth with just the thought. My imagination is running overboard and I just can’t wait to apply butter to that warm slice of bread. My drool runneth over….

Do You Like Sauerkraut? If Not, This Will Make You Change Your Mind!

  I love sauerkraut! In fact, I craved it when I was pregnant with my third child. I do add a little sugar to mine but when my daughter was younger she would eat it out of the can. Sauerkraut is one of those foods you either love or hate. So do you like sauerkraut,…

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