Category: Vegetables

Easy Zucchini Recipes, Sweet and Savory

Every year my garden produces an abundance of zucchini. So many zucchinis we simply can’t eat them all and eventually start giving many away. But I have discovered several easy zucchini recipes after many years of just fixing fried zucchini. After all, a person can eat just so much of it fried. But wait, It is…

Our Backyard Vegetable Garden, The Fun and The Challenges

Its summer and time to reap the benefits of our backyard vegetable garden. Actually, I need to clarify this statement. It is really Harold’s garden. And it is in our side yard. Harold, my husband, does most of the work when it comes to planting and weeding. When it comes to harvesting the produce I…

Preserving and Canning Vegetables From Your Garden, Is It Really Worth It?

It’s that time again. Planting the vegetable garden. This time of year my husband gets the “fever” and cannot wait to get out there and get the garden worked up and planted. And I love the idea that I can just run out to the garden and pick a mess of green beans and prepare…

Easy Pickled Beets Recipe, I’ve Been Told They taste Like Candy!

  Pickled Beets is one of my favorite vegetables. Is it yours? I have made my pickled beets and shared them. For the ones who like beets they absolutely loved them, But the ones who just don’t like beets told me they just didn’t care for them. Some liken the taste of beets to dirt….

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