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When I started this adventure “in the kitchen with tai” Of course I was looking to make money. Although I do love to cook and talk about food I wanted to make money also. Let’s get real here, all the food bloggers out there want the same thing. And of course, to make money you have to be an affiliate. I searched and found Stonewall Kitchen a place to buy specialty food.

Stonewall Kitchen is right up my alley. I love trying new and different foods. But I don’t want to “sell” any products that I don’t believe in or have not used myself. So I ordered a few things. I will get to that later in this article.

I call myself a groceryaholic. I don’t have a closet full of purses or shoes. I wear the same clothes until they are literally falling apart. But I do have a pantry and a freezer full of food that my husband and I will not possibly eat before it goes bad or is out-of-date. Why you ask? I have no idea. I never went without food in my childhood.

My mom always had a meal on the table consisting of meat, potatoes, vegetables and most times a salad. I do not know where this obsession with food came from. I love going down every aisle of the grocery store and if something looks good it will somehow find it’s way into my cart. I especially love going to a new store that I had never been in before and checking out all the different foods.

I would take a picture of my pantry and freezer and include it here but honestly, I’m too embarrassed. Food is just shoved in every which way. No organization at all. My husband and children actually think I am crazy. I assure you I am not. Just obsessed with food.

But Let’s get on about Stonewall Kitchen shall we?

Their Story

It all started in 1991 when Jim Stott and Jonathan King started selling jams and jellies at the local farmer’s market in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They had started cooking and labeling their jams and jellies in a small summer cottage. They handwritten labels and took pictures to sell their products. Often times it was a full family affair with nieces and nephews filling jars one by one.

In the years following they received many awards including outstanding Product Line Honors 3 times. They were inducted into the Specialty Food Hall of Fame in 2015.


Their best-seller is their “wild blueberry jam” inspired by Jim’s grandmother’s blueberry pie. Click on the image above to check it out.

The food products include:

    • aiolis and mayo such as Farmhouse mayo and the aioli flavors include roasted garlic, smokey barbecue, sriracha, basil pesto and lemon herb. This is just a small list.
    • Baking mixes for scones, brownies, cornbread, donuts, pound cake
    • Coffees, teas and hot chocolate
    • Curds, fruit, and nut butters
    • Dessert sauces and toppings
    • Dressings and oils
    • Drink Mixes
    • Grille sauces and marinades
    • Jams, jellies, and marmalades
    • Ketchups, relishes, and chutney
    • Meat starters and sauces
    • mustards and dip
    • pancake mixes, oatmeal, and grits
    • pasta, risottos, and soups
    • ready-made foods
  • salsas and hot sauces
  • savory spreads, tarter and cocktail sauces
  • snacks, chips, and candy
  • spices and rubs
  • syrups, maple, and honey.

Click on the image below to shop

They also have food gift baskets such as hostess gifts, breakfast gifts, custom gifts.  Say thanks with the perfect gift under $30!
In 2018, they added Tillen Farms with products such as spicy pickled asparagus, mild dilly beans, pickled crunchy carrots, spicy pickled sugar snap peas and lemon twist olives.

Stonewall Kitchen has just about everything. There is just too much for me to list here so you will just have to check it out for yourself

The Kitchen Products

I have to admit that I was just a little disappointed in the kitchen products. I was looking for unique kitchen gadgets. I love looking and buying unique gadgets such as my pierogi maker. They do have a few things but with all their food products I guess I expected a lot more. They do offer tea towels, appliances, home decor, cookware, and glassware.

A Cooking School?

These classes are demonstration classes only. No “hands on” But you are able to sample the food once prepared. They will not substitute the menu so it is advisable to find out the food that will be prepared before signing up for the class. I have always wanted to visit Maine and this would be so much fun. I’m sure my husband would not agree with me. But then again he does like to eat:) He just hates to travel.

The Verdict

The products that I bought to try were the “wild blueberry jam, the pancake mix, the maple syrup and the raspberry salsa. I absolutely loved the blueberry jam. But my favorite fruit is blueberries. The pancake mix I have to honestly say I was disappointed with. The pancakes were more like crepes. Maybe I just didn’t do them right but I followed the instructions on the can.:( I like a light and fluffy pancake and I have a great homemade recipe that I think I will stick to. The maple syrup was divine. I have to admit that I have never tried the real stuff before and the price was worth it. It was heaven in my mouth.

I have not tried the raspberry salsa yet. I have heard that it is great on grilled chicken and that will be my next “experiment” in the kitchen. I received 2 free gifts with my order. Savannah Bee beeswax salve and a small jar of the Bourbon bacon jam. I can’t say that I really cared for this jam, but it wasn’t bad it is just not my cup of tea.

Stonewall Kitchen is a little pricey but you know the saying “You get what you pay for!”. The maple syrup was pretty comparable to the prices in the grocery store. I checked!. Also, did I mention the recipes? They have recipes galore on their website. I was in heaven. I love trying new recipes and you can be sure that I will be trying some of them.

They also have cookbooks you can buy from Amazon. I just may have to buy one or two. Did I mention I love cookbooks too? I have 4 drawers full of cookbooks and several on top of my upright freezer. I need a room just for my cookbooks and taste of home magazines. Sorry got a little sidetracked there.



I hope that you check out Stonewall Kitchen and try a few of their products. Please leave me a comment below and let me know. As always I love hearing from you!

Have a Wonderful and Tasty day!





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